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Default Re: new Zack Snyder quote implies WB forced Batman/Superman movie instead of MOS2???

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
A world where you judge a film's success by a different criteria than how much money it made. Criteria such as how well remembered it was, how much of an impact it had on the culture, how much the general audience was excited about it and talked about it after it's release, how much critical acclaim it's received, how much and in what way the general audience responded to it positively, the opinions of other filmmakers and writers, the effect it had on filmmaking after it's initial release, wether or not it achieved the goals the writer and director set for themselves and to what extent it did so, and so on.

Really, there are a lot of worlds where a movie that made 644,000,000 dollars can still be considered a failure.
But in this world, the only way people judge a film's success is how much money it made. Anyway, if this was a reaction to perceived problems with the film, they would not be making the sequel with the same screen writer and director. That tells me WB is pleased with the film.

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