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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
It's not really about the cartoon fans going to the movies, as it is the execs having confidence that the character, on his own has a large audience. If you believe they already have that, cool. I don't think they do. I'd rather have BP in another medium doing well than trying to introduce him as a supporting character and then hoping to spin him off later if people actually like him that much.
Did GotG have a popular cartoon? As far as I'm aware they're pretty obscure even in comic circles (I don't read comics), yet they have their own film coming up.

I think Marvel are more concerned with getting a good creative team behind the movie than how popular the character is.

Also, I agree with those saying EMH did wonders for BP. As with most characters in the MCU (including Thor & Cap. It was only when those films went into production and I started frequenting their forums here that I got to know their characters), I knew next to nothing about BP but I thought he was a badass on EMH, and based just on that show and what I've read in here I think he's got loads of potential for a great film.

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