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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Dr. Cosmic,

In reply to your assertion that there haven't been spin off films from supporting characters, there was Elektra. Not a great example-even though I think the film is unfairly hated on. Even Catwoman was supposed to be a spin off from Burton's Batman Returns, but by the time it got to Halle it had been mangled beyond all recognition it seemed.

So the track record isn't great by any stretch, but it does exist. Also, there was talk of a Deadpool spin off from Wolverine, even a Deacon Frost spin off from Blade, and there is talk of a Hulk spin off from the Avengers. Even there was some talk of a Catwoman spin off from Dark Knight Rises. Granted it's all talk, but I'm just saying that the fact that there is talk means that spinning off successful, or hoped for, successful supporting characters isn't an alien idea.

About War Machine in Iron Man 2, I can see why people would want to keep him a supporting character, because I don't think the film really did enough to make him stand on his own or be interesting enough to carry a film. I like Don Cheadle, I liked Terrence Howard, but I don't think either man has been well served by their respective scripts. That being said, I would love to see a War Machine movie.

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