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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by tamron View Post
Man, I'd love it if they introduced him in a less obvious way. Don't telegraph it by mentioning vibranium. Maybe Fury casually mentions to Stark that SHIELD is expecting the delivery of a new piece of tech through a government contract with WDG. And then the callback ends up being T'Challa arriving in the nick of time in a brand new model Quinjet, WDG being revealed as the Wakandan Design Group.
Love. Yes to little stuff like this building an anticipation for the King to arrive.

Originally Posted by RockSP View Post
How was he anti-white?
The cure for AIDS, basically. But going further, and admittedly I'm mostly going off the cartoon adaptation here, Wakanda was billed as extremely xenophobic from start to finish. It was clear that white people were not welcome there. Then, the frequent take-that's to Western (read: white) culture's corruption, pride, prejudice and incompetence. I winced a few times like "Man, Hudlin, it's like that?" And I admit, it felt good to hear The Man getting it like he deserves. But someone who thinks that other people think they're The Man (read: white people) would easily feel extremely alienated by those things, and understandably so.

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