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Default Re: I don't see where Superman caused so much destruction

Originally Posted by Persistence View Post
Come on guys. Watch :56 and on in silence.

If Webster had a video under the word reckless, it would be this.
Sorry, but with the greatest respect, I have to disagree with you there.

The word Reckless (particularly in law) implies you know the risks and consciously disregard them. Here Clark probably wasn't aware of the risks at all.

This is Superman on his first day on the job.
He's never been in a fight before, and has no idea just how powerful he is. True he takes out the grain silos and the gas station, but that's understandable, he probably didn't expect to go that far.

If he'd been Superman with vast experience at battling evil, particularly super-powered evil of comparable strength and durability to himself, yup
then it would be reckless.

Under these circumstances, Reckless isn't the right word.

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