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Default Re: 5 Things you see Necessary for a Good Sequel

MOS follow up

Based 6 months after MOS

World coming to terms with Alien disclosure – we are not alone.

Governments set up new space projects, using kryptonian tech as their basis – defense systems are toyed with – huge political debates about what the bigger picture is now.

Superman has appeared in public, at times to rescue civilians, other times to help rebuild the city, under night fall, as in the morning, large areas of rubble removed, frame work appear and bricks lined up good to go – but public still unsure.

Life is moving on.

Daily Planet - Lois/Clark relationship main story – how they maintain his identity, their relationship – at work, what they report for planet – seeing Clark integrated with society. They see the world from both sides of the superman argument.
Politically,It’s all talk of more super human’s – as past conspiracies and urban legends are fully investigated across the globe – everything is scrutinized or at least, has more weight behind it now. Atlantis, Roswell, Ancient alien theory.
Two incidents occur that make Superman take action – a failed lunar mission and a confrontation against lexcorp after one of lexcorp’s ‘soldiers’ goes rogue (Metallo).

Finally, the equilibrium is restored – Superman is near fully accepted, we have seen how Clark lives in Metropolis, his relationship not only with Lois, but with staff around him (jimmy) the start of Lex’s fall from grace (set up for the third film) – the introduction of other characters to set up a solo justice league.

Sub plot 1
(flash backs through the journal of prof Hamilton given to lois by the conspiricist) Roswell – actually happened, but times were ‘different’ back then and the alien onboard was taken away and believed dead – the craft was reversed engineered and modern tech is from this – some governments fractions are aware of this – but also not knowing one actually survived and escaped – a shape shifter, he is actually alive and well, having worked his way into S.T.A.R labs, under the name of j’onn j’onnz only revealing his identity with Prof Hamilton. The reason for this, to develop earth technology so that he could one day find a way back home and defeat the beast Darkseid that destroyed his race.

Sub plot 2
Lex, hugely political figure is against Superman and is contracted (lexcorp) to set up a defense under the guise of research on ‘super humans/aliens’ – from this we get kryptonite – the fuel source from the world machine is harvested, discovered to have adverse reaction on Kryptonian DNA- new metal created from it - as well as failed hybrid species using Zod’s DNA.

Kryptonite bullets and combat gear created –Lex secretly creates false flags to further his agenda, making false claims through media manipulation that a hybrid beast lives off the coast of America, in the oceans – attacking trawlers, fishermen and marine life. He’s fusing the legend of aqua man and his own hybrid creation to make out his army have caught the beast. It is displayed to the world and prompts the public to take his side.

Lex also sabotages a space mission, live on CNN, to see if the kryptonite laced shuttle will effect Superman – it indeed does – but also for Brice Rogers onboard, turning him into an almost zombie like state after over exposure – a nasty confrontation occurs on the moon, in the craft – all this is recorded on CNN, maybe not all shown due to sensitive footgae, but this is leaked to the public in an act of deception that makes matters worse for Superman.

Finally, with lexcorp producing NSA style patrols, one of the Soldiers, John Corben goes AWOL and causes devastation in Metropolis, looking and beckoning for superman to appear. Lex personally appears to ‘save grace’ it back fires and when Corben takes a child hostage, Superman appears to save the day, making matters worse for Lex and helping the public’s opinion of superman.

End Credits – superman wating on a roof top, a growl of ‘we need to talk’ is heard, Superman turns to see Batman, emerging from the shadows.

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