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Default Re: The official X-men First Class BD/DVD thread

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
Oh man that would be BOSS. Especially because James McAvoy is such a brilliant H2T actor, he would pull it off so incredibly well, all those emotions!

Guh that satellite scene. I wish it hadn't happened the day before the battle. If it had happened even a week before, maybe a little more could have been salvaged.

I hope FOX will realize that to audiences Hugh Jackman is becoming less important to the franchise and McAvoy and Fassbender are becoming the ones to watch. If they DO push forward with X4 (no no no) and skip over a FC sequel I hope they at least bring back these two to make the movie half-flashbacks or something. Honestly I now have no interest in any future X-Men films that this duo is not in.
Sorry I didn't reply sooner--out of town for the weekend.

I think James McAvoy could completely develop a conflicted and "messed up" Charles Xavier, and still keep the character "in-character" through the entire process. He's just that good and the sequel is perfectly set up for it to happen. I think both Erik/Charles will be the dumps to an extent; Erik has to deal with the fact he paralyzed his best friend and that's heart-breaking right there.

I think the satellite scene is fine where it is. It's not important that it happened just a day before their "mission," just that it happened at all. It was a beautifully crafted and touching scene. Two men crying is a tricky thing to show and it worked.

Now, I love Hugh Jackman. The man has serious talent and Wolverine is just a great character. But I feel like it's overkill. And I also feel that one reason Wolverine works at all is because he's around other mutants that are very different from him. Xavier is a peace-keeper, and ironically, Wolverine is one of his X-men. He's in love with Jean, who happens to be a sweet, smart and serene-type of woman. Logan works best with the contrast.

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