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Default Re: The official X-men First Class BD/DVD thread

Originally Posted by Loganbabe View Post
We know from interviews that James really wants to make Charles "walk through fire" in the sequel, as part of the character's journey, so that he'll eventually emerge more like the Professor Xavier we know from the trilogy. Charles needs a great arc in the next film; so far, it's like writers don't know exactly what to do with him and his amazing power. So I say, hire James as a writer and we'll get a memorable Charles Xavier. Michael Hoffman, who directed James in The Last Station, said that James is an amazing writer, so it would be great to see him exercising this side with a character he loved so much to play.

I keep thinking about scenarios in which Charles and Erik meet again, in the sequel. I wonder if Charles will go so disillusioned and not in control of his powers that even Magneto will have to interfere, worrying if Charles is "going to the dark side" out of despair. Saying something like "the world needs your dream; even I need it." Oh, it would be sweeeet!
This is one thing I truly love about James McAvoy; he loves the characters he plays. He gets totally invested in them and makes them as fresh and complex as possible. I would welcome him co-writing, especially when it comes to scenes with Charles. Or at least advising on how to bring the character into turmoil, which needs to happen.

I don't, however, want Charles to go all dark-side. When I say I want him angry, I don't mean like Erik--people express anger in different ways. I imagine Charles' anger would never be violent or aggressive; it would be mixed with a lot of other emotions, I think. He's just not an angry person and might even not know how to express it when he's hit with it. It might even surprise him and make him change the way he sees himself.

As for Magneto bringing him back to the light...well, I think Magneto is an opportunist. To have Charles become angry at the world would be the perfect chance for him to get Charles to join his cause. Not only would it bring Charles on his side, but also validate Magneto's own beliefs...after all, if someone as idealistic as Charles Xavier turns against humanity, then surely Magneto's cause is the right one.

Originally Posted by Loganbabe View Post
I agree. Wolverine has been my favorite character from the series (at least until Charles in FC), hands down, and Hugh is amazing. He gave the franchise its face, like it or not. I like it.
I love that Logan is with the X-Men. That's one of the things I've always like the most about him. He's a badass and all, and he suffered maybe more than any other character in the X-Men, but he's still hopeful somehow. He never gave in to nihilism and destruction; I admire that.
I'm not arguing. I think X2 gave more attention to characters like Jean and Storm, but in X1, most of the characters are a little bland in comparison to Logan, (Xavier and Magneto were also good). He's the one you seen the X-men through--although I think, the climax to X1 had him doing a bit too much...fighting Mystique, fighting Sabertooth and then facing off against Magneto almost on his own until Cyclops shoots Erik in the back, which took half a second. They spaced out the action better in X2, giving all the characters a chance to fight.

The fact that Logan is an X-men just proves that even someone who's been hurt as much as he has and is as aggressive as he is, can still have hope for humanity and fight for good. I like that.

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