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Default Re: The official X-men First Class BD/DVD thread

Originally Posted by J.Howlett View Post
I'm so conflicted about owning this film. I worship at the alter of X-Men and X2. I wanted this to be a true Prequel to those two films...and my problem is that it's a half and half.

You can clearly see where Vaughn really wanted to reboot the franchise because certain things don't match up to X-Men and X2. At the same time, certain things do match up pretty damn good with X-Men and X2.

I'm having a hard time getting past some of the continuity issues between the three films.

I really need to decide because tomorrow's release day and I'm completely torn on this....because adding this film to X-Men and X2 make a somewhat nice trilogy.

But, I have a feeling that Vaughn will go the full reboot route with the sequel to First Class.

I should not have watched X-Men and X2 yesterday. The glaring continuity problems in First Class make for a very difficult viewing experience...even if the idea of the origins of the characters and the characterizations/acting are all top notch.
I really don't think this should prevent you from buying the film. There are big differences for sure but nothing that really affects the characters.
-Charles walks in X3 and XOW, but who cares about those films anyways
-If Storm and Cyclops are kids in XMFC, they would be in their late 40s/50s in the new movies but the new films could have taken place earlier than we think.
-Charles says he met Erik at 17 when he met him at 30.
-Beast is human in X2 but it's a teeny cameo appearance and maybe in 40 years he found a very temporary cure. Or is wearing an appearance-changer thing like Kurt had in X-Men Evolution.
-Charles and Raven don't acknowledge each other. They must have had a huge fight, or maybe Emma mindwiped Raven, or something.
-Charles says Erik helped him build Cerebro. In the movie Hank built the FIRST one. It has to get rebuilt at some point, and I can definitely see Erik helping Charles build it in a moment of truce. They're not enemies yet, don't forget.

That's all I can think of at the moment. TBH I'd much rather this was a reboot than a prequel and I'd love it if they just went their own way in a sequel. But I think it's a silly thing to not get it just because you don't like the fractured continuities. :P

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