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Default Re: The official X-men First Class BD/DVD thread

Originally Posted by J.Howlett View Post
I'm so conflicted about owning this film. I worship at the alter of X-Men and X2. I wanted this to be a true Prequel to those two films...and my problem is that it's a half and half.

You can clearly see where Vaughn really wanted to reboot the franchise because certain things don't match up to X-Men and X2. At the same time, certain things do match up pretty damn good with X-Men and X2.

I'm having a hard time getting past some of the continuity issues between the three films.

I really need to decide because tomorrow's release day and I'm completely torn on this....because adding this film to X-Men and X2 make a somewhat nice trilogy.

But, I have a feeling that Vaughn will go the full reboot route with the sequel to First Class.

I should not have watched X-Men and X2 yesterday. The glaring continuity problems in First Class make for a very difficult viewing experience...even if the idea of the origins of the characters and the characterizations/acting are all top notch.
I really see First Class as prequel to just X-Men and X2.

Now yes a few things said In dialogue from X-Men and X2 doesn't match up with First Class but many franchises have been known to Ignore things said In diaolgure.

First Class blurres line between prequel and reboot.From the BTS posted on Youtube and Bryan Singer's Interviews it's clear the producers want First Class and sequels to match X-Men and X2 as close as possible.It's obvious The Last Stand and Wolverine are more obviously being Ignored.They Ignore things actully seen on screen.Xavier walking In wolverine.Xavier walking still working with Magneto when Jean's powers manifest.Two different versions of
Moira(No accent In First Class.Accent In Last Stand.Age problems) Beast with 2 different blue versions In series(just Ignore 1 second human looking beast
In X2)

As for sequel Matthew Vaughn may not even return.If x4 or post X2 film remains just talk there remains a good possibilty Bryan Singer will make the sequel his next Directed film after Jack The Giant Killer.With The Wolverine
coming most likely In 2013 It could be 2015 till the next full X-Men film.

If Deadpool actully Is made and they keep the X-Men origins as part of title
then they need to decide rather they are outright Ignoring X-Men Origins:Wolverine.You can call Deadpool a X-Men related film and outright Ignoring everything about Deadpool In wolverine Inless you totaly Ignore
Wolverine.However since First Class works better as just prequel to X-Men and X2,and The wolverine Is trying to distance Itself from X-Men Origins:Wolverine so we may have clue how they view it.

If First Class Is trilogy they might not Incude any characters from Last Stand or wolverine to outright conflict with those films but they will not worry about sticking to things established In those films.If Cyclops,Jean,and Storm are
Introduced In third film they would not worry about sticking to how wolverine and The Last Stand had xaier become aware of Cyclops and Jean.

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