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Default Re: Discussion: North Africa & Southwest Asia Regional Issues II

Originally Posted by Compi716 View Post
I absolutely side with Israel, but I'm also clear-sighted enough to know an obviously biased webpage when I see one.

Have there been killings on both sides? Yes. Has the Israeli handling of the situation been perfect? Hell no. Is Hamas a terrorist organization that uses human shields and is the most obvious reason as to why peace in the region is so difficult at the moment? Absolutely.
It is difficult to become efficient at killing specific targets only in a heavily populated city. Sure, I can agree with you on that one. But Israel has had a lot of practice, and they not only went after military leaders, they also destroyed foreign press news stations, killed journalists, protesters, destroyed hospitals and other civilian infrastructure.

Do I believe that Hamas had the right to lob rockets at Israel? Hell no. Do I believe in the blockade and punishment of the citizens of Gaza by Israel and its partners? No. Hamas is not generally well liked..and neither is FATA by Palestinians. They voted for Hamas because lots of people who live in Gaza were people who can't go back to their original homes in what is today Israel. When the UN accepted groups in Palestine are that ineffectual, that has a lot to say about Hamas's competitors that Israel would want to negotiate with. What did they really accomplish anyways?

In 50 years, Israel divided the West Bank into besieged cantons and is working diligently to get as many Jewish settlers into East Jerusalem, while at the same time, Israel has stripped Palestinian in Jerusalem of their residency right in their city, and turned Gaza into a prison. This is all while the leadership in Israel is in cahoots with aggressive Israeli expansionists who want more settlements. What has the UN-accepted Palestinian authority done since then? They tried getting their UN status upgraded and the US vetoed it.

What Israel is doing is a crime that they may have gotten away with in the 19th century like the US did against the Native Americans and Mexicans, but in this century, they will need come back down to reality...and I'm not talking about Gilad Sharon's idea to nuke Gaza and murder everybody.

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