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Default Re: Discussion: North Africa & Southwest Asia Regional Issues II

Originally Posted by floreairfoot View Post
No, Hamas is a terrorist organization. They can't kill if they don't have weapons.
Hmmm, seems you missed my point.

I'm well aware Hamas is a 'terrorist' organization as recognized by the West and United Nations. I also see that as somewhat bias, although I don't condone the atrocities they've committed. However, if you are not familiar with Hamas, it's not entirely a terrorist organization. That is certainly one wing (kind of like how child molesting priests are one wing to a bunch of self sacrificial nuns) but other elements of Hamas actually do a lot of Arab charity work.

Which brings me to my next point. Most people say they'd rather live in Israel, as would most Arabs, apartheid or not, because Israel is a nicer place to live (I should know, I paid for it ). So the Israeli government is very good to it's own and certainly it's very much like Hamas when it attacks civilian targets ruthlessly for cooked up reasons. They claim it's self defense when they are armed better and far better funded and supported than everyone else in the region.

Isreal doesn't just have their own forces qwelling anti-Israeli elements in the middle east, they've co-opted the interests of the Americans as well as some of Europe.

There's only one nation who hasn't signed the non-proliforation treaty and it's Israel.

Before the state of Israel was artificially created, the Middle East was a thriving Arab land, that was still practicing the religious tolerance of the Ottoman Empire in many places. This has and will always be about the desire of [some] Jewish Political Organizations and some Muslim Political Organizations mixed in with Western imperial interests. I'm not talking about a conspiracy either, it's certainly more complicated than that but Israel is on a crash course to become a very dangerous country.

At this point Israel has killed more Arabs by a factor of ten to one, and these are civilian casualities. Yes, perhaps some of these civilians died by accident, while pursuing someone of actual danger, but at best this makes them extremely neglegent and bloodthirsty.

I find it unfortunately ironic that, in my view, Israel takes on some of Nazi Germany's traits. No, not the concentration camps, but people have to remember that didn't happen over night. A lot of people glaze over that highly important period between World War I and World War II, when in fact many other paths were considered, even by Hitler, before he and Germany arove at the path they are now infamous for.

I see similar things happen in Israel. Israel is the powerhouse, and the problem isn't that they're acting like Nazi's now, it's that they can if they want to, and it may drag the United States into some bad territory we can't go back from.

Israel has nuclear weapons as well, and whether or not you justify it, they are phobic of the arabs in their region.

This, after all, is real.

I'm not a supporter of Hamas by any means, or really into picking sides in violent conflicts, I abhore violence. I also abhore religion, which I more or less peg as the culprit, because I don't think man on man many of these people are truly evil (if there is such a thing).

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