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Default Re: *Spoilers* Problems caused by the MCU

Originally Posted by ShadowBoxer View Post
I am a Bat fan and Marvel and DC fan in general but RDJ as Tony Stark is WAAYYY more entertaining that watching Christian Bale play Batman. I have to be in the mood to watch Nolan's Bat films as they are overall humorless and gritty super hero movies. Though I really can't sit through Rises anymore as it just bores me. Anyway on topic, I do agree that IM 1 did have a realistic tone, but that was due to Tony's origin story which could definitely happen in the real world. But it was set up that other heroes existed in that world with SHIELDS presence.
RDJ obviously owns the role of Stark as the way ledger did for joker. regarding the mood of watching movies, when it comes to IM1,2, Batman Begins, TDK, i can just put it in my ps3 anytime and watch it casually. But TDKR required me to be invested to watch it a second time. TDKR cannot be just watched casually like the aforementioned movies. At this point TDKR had bored the hell out of me. Don't get me wrong the movie is good but not great, but like i said its not worth repeated viewings. (side note: i hope they reboot Batman to fit MoS universe)
I am getting the same feel for IM3, it feels like an investment heavy movie for me, but at the same time the humor and action makes it easier for me to watch it casually.
haven't been around these boards since the release, nice to be here when the boards are calm and collected.

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