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I really don't see the point in using the same aging cast for anymore films. Let's take a look:

Cyclops - great casting but crimminally underused in every film and killed off in the last film.

Jean - weak mutant powers in the first film although middle aged, improved in the 2nd film quite a bit then she becomes Phoenix in the last film and dies.

Rogue - only power is the ability to steal some else's power, well used in first film and lame in the next to. Despite her having no real offensive capabilities she is somehow promoted to a the team in the 2nd film where her awesome moments included simmering Pyro's flames and flying the X-jet off-camera. And in the final film she takes the cure.

Ice-Man - excellent casting but doesn't do much except provide a love interests for Rogue in first film, better in 2nd film and finally good use in last film. Still he only ices up once in 3 films and headbutts his opponent.

Xavier - perfect casting but litterly nerfed in every movie, first film Cerebro malfunction, 2nd film mind trap then manipulated into trying to kill everyone, and last film he's killed.

Wolverine - great casting and great development except he's steals the show in every film and the other characters don't get to do anything.

Storm - attempted and failed accent in the first film, crowing moment was using lightning on Toad and Sabertooth. Over all not the best casting or character though she was shown some love by the writers in giving her more screen time the more famous Halle Berry became.
And the only villain worth anything in this was really Magneto. Mystique was just a plot device and received more development in FC than in three films.

Looking at the above list I honestly don't the appeal or draw of the original cast. Most were underdeveloped in the first place. Now they're all older. Why is there a need to bring them back?

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