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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

My problems with some of the writing from the comic book (not gonna name any fractions of names ) was that sometimes Thor was written like he is a dull warrior dude walking around and saying totally stupid lines. I don't like the some prejuctice him to be like that too. Sure, he is the warrior, but he is also supposed to be clever and wise in some things, since he is a few thousand years old already. As long as they won't go the smashing-things-and-saying-dull-lines thing in the movie, I am totally fine. I want him to be smart. Not like Tony, not tech-smart, but wise in acting. Ok, he was the rebeling brat in the first movie who had to be send to bootcamp earth, but that was his hot temper. I just hope they won't pic up the worst things from the comics so that people might think he is another brainless action hero. That's not how I personally see the character...

As for that adopted line in Avengers. I kinda felt that it was a bit out of character. Since Thor would say something like "he will be punished for his evil doings" or whatever, rather than pulling himself out of the family relationship with Loki. It's like saying, yeah he is his brother in good times, but if Loki kills just a few people he is only adopted. Kinda weird.

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