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Default Re: Josh Trank to Direct Venom

Three differentt things came to mind as I've sat and thought about SONY taking into account how stupid they can be at times.

1. they just want to get a little buzz about the character since Trank is the Directing 'it-boy' right now.(meaning there's still a chance we get a correct and proper venom movie including Spider-Man bonding to the symbiote first)

2. They treat this like Ghost Rider and just throw the character in a movie with a couple other of his associates and don't really adapt anything in terms of story possibilities. (God help us all if this is the case)

Or they ignore the fact that Venom was in SM3 AND that they are rebooting SM and simply hope the public understands the symbiote was bonded to Spider-Man before anyone else and start a movie with Flash Thompson as Venom and use stuff from Remender's stories.

Whatever they're thinking, I'm sure SONY will screw the pooch on this one.

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