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Default Re: Scores To Marvel Films: Which do you like the most?

Originally Posted by Elevator Man View Post
To me a bad movie shouldn't rub off on the score. I hear a lot a people love the Spidey 3 score the most of the trilogy and it's attached to a bad movie. I hear people tear the movie Hook to shreds. Yet John Williams gets high praise for his score to it. The movie never ruins the enjoyment of the score for them. So why should X3 hurt Powell's great score. Which is probably the best thing about X3.

That's almost bias if you like the score (X2) better than another score (X3) b/c it's attached to a better movie. Eventhough you both actually liked the X3 score better musically than X2's. I don't care. Great music is great music. Don't let the movie it's attached to rub off on the score. Especially if the score is better than the movie. To me that just proves Powell was trying to convey what the movie was trying and failed to achieve. That's part of what film music is suppose to do. At least for the movie it's written for.

Well Sure I agree with this to an extent too, but I never said I actually like the X3 music more haha. Nor did AVE. I think its GREAT, but I still think X2s score is greater, more well rounded and emotional. Just because it reminds me of a fantastic movie is a bonus. X3 reminds me of a crap movie. so why would I want to think about a crap movie when I listen to its music?

Still... the score has everything to do with the movie attached to it. Its the reason the score is even made! It puts music to whats happening on screen and if it wasn't for whats on screen there wouldn't be a score in the first place to debate about. It wasn't made as a separate entity, or to be heard on its own. The movie has a tremendous amount to do with the enjoyment of the score. The score and movie count as one whole package, HORRIBLE music can absolutely put you off a fantastic movie and if you prefer a score to a better movie, rather than a crap movie, I wouldn't call it bias.

Now if i made the score or directed the movie myself.. then yea id probably be a little bias.

that being said haha, Im one of the few who actually liked Spider-Man 3, but I didnt like the score as much as Spidey 1. It was off putting. and I also liked Hook!

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