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Default Re: Update the outfit for next solo film

The suit is not designed to be stealthy or look like it belongs in the field. It never has and never should. It's a costume that is a very strong symbol. It will always look out of place until Cap smashed a guys face in.

I am against exposing the ears because honestly exposed ears are pretty impractical. May as well not wear the helmet at that point. I kinda want the belt to be brown or some form of dark red because the blue just seems too much.

TFA suit is just puffy and makes him look bigger. I think he needs to be streamlined.

I think there is also a fine line between Steve Rogers Super Soldier and then Batman. The suit can't be too much because then it's the suit that seems powerful and not Rogers.

I liked the suit in Avengers. I am still iffy about the shoulders silver things because you don't see silver anywhere else. Maybe they just need to connect and work around kinda like TFA costume.


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