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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

We were looking at the new poster for Thor (work in progress) in the news thread and someone mentioned the o in Thor looks like an eclipse. I wanted to repost this part here as I think I am onto something. It connects to my idea earlier that Malekith wants to make the Earth dark so that the Dark Elves can come out all the time (as mentioned before in the myths they cannot go out in the daylight, or turn to stone)

Originally Posted by Son of Coul View Post
Could also have to do with "descending the universe into darkness" from the synopsis.
could be that he causes a permanent eclipse on Earth to keep it in darkness. In the release from the studio made regarding filming at Butlers Wharf, when they filmed at the River Thames they wanted it at high tide.

One of our key locations in the film is the Old Naval College at Greenwich and we have various scenes to film that involve the Thames at high tide, camera boats, and aerial filming from a helicopter. To achieve this, we have to film before the clocks change, and the tides are right, and this has fallen on Sunday 21st October .... .... We need to achieve this when the river is quiet from commercial vessels and the tides are right, which means we are proposing to shoot with the helicopter between the hours of 0700 and 1100.
from CBM

I think Greenwich Meantime/Meridian line could be connected to this idea as well (although this is all not admittedly an area I am particularly knowlegable about more of an arts than science girl )

Edited to add:

Total Solar Eclipses and the Path of Totality
If the Moon's inner or umbral shadow sweeps across Earth's surface, then a total eclipse of the Sun is seen. The track of the Moon's umbral shadow across Earth is called the Path of Totality. It is typically 10,000 miles long but only about 100 miles wide. It covers less than 1% of Earth's entire surface area. In order to see the Sun become completely eclipsed by the Moon, you must be somewhere inside the narrow path of totality.
Okay so not so much the entire Earth in this scenario but a 100 mile wide area is where the eclipse would be experienced, there could be some piece to the puzzle we're still missing where he is making the Earth dark using the moon though. I do think I'm onto something. I suppose if he both stops the moon at solar eclipse and the stops the Earth from turning as well then that would leave the majority of the Earth permanently in darkness, although that would unleash a hell of a lot of other issues, but this is a fantasy movie after all! lol

anybody have any other ideas in regards to this? It would seem a solar eclipse is involved judging by that poster.

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