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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
If the Earth stops turning, you wouldn't have the majority of the Earth's surface plunged into darkness. You also wouldn't prevent the eclipse from being transitory--it's the Earth's orbit around the Sun (and the Moon's orbit about the Earth) that cause the eclipse to come to an end. All the bodies involved move out of alignment.
okay I can see that now, yes. (after second cup of coffee my brain is starting to function a bit better. LOL)

I do think that the solar eclipse as pictured on the poster will be connected to what happens in the film and not just a metaphor, but it'll take a smarter person than me to figure out how. LOL

As CherokeeSam pointed out, they did filming with the helicopter over the Thames on October 21, when the tide would be high. Tides are caused by the Moon's gravitational pull on the Earth.
Actually I pointed all of that out when I quoted the text from the studio's release in regards to the filming, before his reply. (knowing the moon and the tides are connected is why I quoted all of that). This again lends to the idea that the moon may have something to do with whatever Malekith's plans are.

If we're to have an eclipse, it seems more likely that it's just to give the Dark Elves freedom of movement, as you suggested earlier.
yes at least partially that I'm sure.

Another idea with eclipses is to cause general panic on Earth. We know enough about the movements in our solar system that we can predict these eclipses well in advance (I have friends who are planning a trip to where the eclipse will be in 2017, for example). So if one were to occur that we did *not* predict, that might be more frighting for our modern society than they would have been back in the day.

Isaac Asimov had a short story, "Nightfall", about a planet with six suns that generally does not know darkness. Once in a thousand years, night falls, and the people panic, riot, and set their civilization back, well, 1000 years. Scientists on the eve of sundown are trying to preserve enough scientific knowledge to allow future generations to break this cycle.
Hmmm, that has parallels to the Ragnarok.
Hmmm. interesting... yes.

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