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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
I like this. And it does seem likely with Odin off the throne, it may give the appearance of a weakened asgard, or hell, Oh oh, what if Odin hands the throne over to Thor, and at the end of the movie, Thor abandons it for midgard!? THAT could be a moral sacrifice, cause he is not only abandoning Agard, he is abandoning the realm he is ruling over. Then Odin ends back on throne at the end of the movie. After credit, surtur. 3rd movie, Odin gets killed in battle, and Thor HAS to take over the throne now, as Asgard could be destroyed with out his help. That is one way I could see it happening, him giving up his position as king to defend midgard.
possible, i could go along with that. I think there is clearly too much going on with this other (non Dark Elf) army as well as the Dark Elves, and whatever happens with Jane, and with Loki to have the Surtur/Ragnarok thing happen in this one too.

And as for the part I bolded, literally lol'd for a good 2 minutes.
As AM said a while back, the dark elves are apparently crappy pilots... maybe they learned to fly the same place Jane learned to drive?

Here is something I have pondered, a possible goof. How many times has Thor been to Earth? is being there once really enough to determine that earth is "the world I love" (as he says when talking to Loki)

Here is the goof I think. Thor says to fury, in my first time coming to earth, Loki's rage has followed me here, and now again.

HOWEVER, in the first movie when they are trying to go to jotenheim, fandral says to thor "This isn't like a journey to earth, where you summon a little thunder and lightning and the mortals worship you as a god, this is jotenheim"

Despite what Thor said in the avengers, it seems like he has indeed been on earth before, probably in more ancient times? Then why say he's only been there twice? Unless he was probably just talking about what fury could refer to.

actually he HAD to have been on earth before. he EXISTS in the MCU. and in MCU, there are tales of him in ancient times, so what fandral said, and the fact that some norse people worship him, he MUST have been on earth multiple times before Thor 1, and the avengers, right?
yup. that would appear to be a goof all right. He's definitely been here before that, he may have only been referring to what Fury knows I suppose. But then if Thor is in Earth's Norse mythology then Fury and Coulson certainly should know that (BW knew it) , and then one of them should have said, what about these stories?!?! So... yeah... goof. Bad Joss Whedon! Bad!

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