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Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
I think IM4 will be backburner for a while.

The others you listed are probably pretty likely though. I see it going something like this. Phase 3 gotta be big considering its the last hurrah for many of the actors (Samuel L Jackson, Chris Hemsworth, RDJ, etc.):

1. Ant-Man
2. Dr. Strange
3. Black Panther
4. Thor 3
5. Cap 3
6. Avengers 3 part 1
7. Guardians 2
8. Ms. Marvel
9. Avengers 3 part 2
10 Planet Hulk
I think IM4 needs to be in phase 3. With that said I think they need to make the films over 4 years instead of 3. Luckily Ant-man comes out in 2015. So I would have guardians 2, Cap 3, Thor 3, Dr. Strange, Planet Hulk and IM4 at the end of the last year leading into avengers 3.

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