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Default Re: What do you want FOX to show at this year COMIC CON?

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
Do it for us, JP!! Don't people have to camp out just to get into Hall H (or wherever it is that the panels are held)?

My theater currently has a billboard, a regular poster, a giant poster, and a bunch of standees for The Wolverine, and I've seen trailers before World War Z and Iron Man 3.

They're also doing an advanced screening/fan event for The Wolverine at the AMC Empire 25 on 7/23. Hugh's gonna be there! (and so am I!)
There's a big old Wolverine billboard hovering in the sky at 51st and 7th Avenue in Manhattan - I was going to take a photo of it but got pissed off at all the tourists coming out of the "Wicked" matinee and taking their sweet old time when I had to make my train and stopping to take photos and "look honey, there's Times Square!!!" so I just made my escape underground.

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