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Default Re: Lol...if i didn´t know the critics and GA´s score for this movie...

Then what really irks me is we never even got to see Gordon put on a facade of "hating" the Batman in the public eye. The guy doesn't say a single negative thing about him during conspiracy crime!

He hesitates to smash a signal, he doesn't speak too highly of Dent save for the Dark Knight ending and goes on about "the truth" at a Harvey Dent Day gathering, he pats a rusted out bat-signal and reminisce about "he was the Batman".

I can't be alone in wanting to see just a glimpse of the "Batman being hunted" angle, can I? I'm not saying a whole film and story dedicated to it, but just a slice? Please? Even when I knew at the 10 minute to 20 minute mark that that wasn't where they were going, I was still looking forward to the hospital meeting with a wounded and hurt Gordon and Batman meeting with his old friend after 8 long years. But it ends no sooner than they meet! We don't get Gordon's initial reaction to his old friend coming through the window, or Bruce's reaction to seeing his old friend beaten down. Nothing. "The Batman, must . . . come back". Well no ****!?! So much for "We'll hunt him, because he can take it, because he's a Dark Knight". Uhhhhh, NOT.

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