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Default Re: My review (spoilers, obviously)

Originally Posted by S.A.A.D View Post
Harlekin,I got one question,if you count all of the minutes worth of action that involves Ironman fighting,how much is the total of those action sequences???
Oh boy, I'd still say at least half an hour's worth. It's especially the stuff with the Mark 1 armor that's a joy to see though.

Originally Posted by JediMasterConor View Post
the question everyone wants to know:

Is Nick Fury in the after credits scene?
Didn't stick around after the credits . Multitude of references to SHIELD though. Very awesome.

Originally Posted by fu manchu View Post
How in the hell did you get to see it, Harlekin? Good Review, though.
Went to the premiere here in the Netherlands.

And Iron Monger doing a cheesy supervillain pose? HAHAHA...thats something to look forward to.
It probably wasn't intended as such, but it looks kind of corny.

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