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Default Re: Discussion: The Afghan War - Part 2

The wars had little to do with deregulation (which I agree helped contribute to our economic crisis today). It did contribute to our staggering deficits/debt though. Also, I'd say the Gulf War (1991) was a pretty clean, cut victory. And while Korea was carved in half, I'd put that down in a winning column.

Lastly, leaving Afghanistan in 2014, whether we kill a slew more of al-Qaeda leaders hiding in Pakistan or not, will not make "Al-Qaeda no longer exist." It is a generational thing and quite frankly it isn't like we can kill them all. It is a cultural problem that will force us to continue to remain vigilant in our intelligence community and security. While I agree that we are finally closing the book on the Bush era, we're never going back (at least in our lifetimes) to what it was before. With that said, you can protect the US and her allies, as well as fight extremism without invading countries and spending decades trying to instill democracies on skeptical citizens. The Bush Doctrine (which was the neocon solution to losing Vietnam) has proven tragically costly and still more than questionably effective. We as a country must move on.

P.S. I don't think Paul would be like Kennedy or Reagan as he probably hates both of their tenures and what they represented. Albeit, Paul will never be president, so the point is moot.

"Let us disappoint the Men who are raising themselves upon the ruin of this Country."

--John Adams
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