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Default Re: Flashbacks, or straight forward storytelling?

Actually. IF they make like ONE flashback, they might just bring in the best of both worlds. Both flaskback and straight forward storytelling, without sensing that you're kinda drawn a bit out of the feel of actually going through all of this stuff with Clark. That's the "feel" I do not wanna sense disturbed... Anyways. Say the movie starts with Clark working the oil-rig. Actually, it could start off with something as simple as this:

After all the logos (warner bros. Legendary pictures. DC, etc.)
Screen fades up to the camera panning directly down over a quiet ocean. Everything is silent. The camera keeps panning over the ocean view, but starts to tilt upwards. Suddenly right in the middle of this huge silent ocean, with no land in sight, we see something on fire in the midst of things. Things are very silent (you could have some credits fade in over it as this is going on. anything BUT the title it self!) We're still very far away, so the audience can't really make out what exactly it is that's on fire. But as the camera draws Us in closer and closer, it becomes clear that this is an oil-rig. When almost right there, the camera dives under water, tilting upwards, and we see debris and stuff on fire falling to the surface. Everything is still almost silent. Audio is heard just like it would be when having your head under water... Suddenly, a man comes falling in to the ocean, right into the camera. It's Clark. We see him, as seen in the trailer, floating there, with is eyes closed. This is where I would see the flashback come in to play. We're taken in to space, and on to Krypton. From there on, I wouldn't wanna have any interuptions in the way the story is told, UNTIL we as the audience actually catches up to that sequence on the oil-rig. Where of course we see how it all went to ****, seeing all the action that happened because of that. Up until that point, I wish for straight forward storytelling. Than the oil sequence will ensue at some point in the film. We see things from Clark's perspective, following him fall in to the ocean. Seeing him open his eyes under water, and wham! We've been brought up to speed.

If they did it in a way like that, than I could take in a flashback, because it wouldn't take me out of the story, as a flashback would ensue already at the very beginning of the film, setting things up. I really hope they don't cut it all up in to little pieces, like they did it in Begins (which still worked great for that film, do not get me wrong). I think MOS needs to take a bit of a different approach in that area, to kinda set it apart from Batman Begins in its structure of storytelling - Cause God knows that there will already be enough Nolan spirit surrouding MOS as it is. So for MOS to feel somewhat different, and not just be a "blue-print" of the sure thing they did in Begins, I hope to see it unfold different then how Begins was executed.

The very clever way of how Nolan chose to edit the journey of Bruce Wayne's exit from his city, to his back-from-the-dead return to Gotham seven years later worked very good for that film. But still, when seeing it today, it doesn't quite feel like you took that journey with him. You're not quite there WITH him. The way Nolan did it in Begins, it more felt like someone had been given an assignment to guide the audience through his journey to his return to Gotham. And THAN the movie started. it was More like someone just breaking the prior down for Us. Explaining to Us how he came about. And it succeeds. The assignment is carried out great. We understand it. But still, it's not actually following him in that sense. It's more like Us being Told About it. Don't know if I'M making any sense, but I hope so. What I didn't quite feel with Begins, I wanna FEEL when seeing MOS.

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