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Originally Posted by smallville fan View Post
What I meant was if you don't like the way in which Goyer wanted to tell it, don't bother investing in the sequel.
That's a matter of personal choice. Many sequels nowadays turn out better than the first movie.

Originally Posted by smallville fan View Post
I liked Superman Earth One. Does anyone have a problem with that?
I liked it too. Clark was a bit too emo, but a least it was something new.

Problem with MoS was not being serious or tragic. It was about time someone expanded the alien nature of the character (like Singer did in Superman Returns, first time I saw a Superman that feels alone and overwhelmed by his 'mission' on screen).

To me the problem is that Goyer took things to an absurd extreme by having Pa Kent committing suicide and, worse, having Clark not doing anything about it. One thing is to explore a different angle, another thing is going straight against the core of the characters. Instead of instilling an ethical and righteous way to see life and how to use Clark's powers, Pa Kent discourages Clark's good-nature instincts. Instead of valuing human life above everything, Clark shows respect for suicidal people (in this case, his own father no less). I'm sure Clark/Superman hasn't made his career respecting people's choice of taking their own lives.

What made it worse is that Pa Kent's death was supposed to discourage Clark from saving people, and it didn't. And we don't know why it didn't, or why Clark decided to do it anyways.

This factor alone ruined a huge part of what Superman is supposed to be, no matter if a lighthearted or tragic take.

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