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Jon Kent was trying to make his son understand that by his very existence, Clark would change the world. This was a Jon Kent not immune to the fact that his son would have the burden of his power and his alen nature with him always. Who knows what sort of reaction the world would have to his son? Would people worship him? Try to destroy him? Exploit him? Who knows? As a parent Pa Kent loved his son and was teaching him a lesson in morality but he was also trying to balance out his own obligation to the wider world with his obligation to his son. This IS a morality. Maybe not one you would agree with, but it was a moral outlook. If you are to take the story seriously, then you should understand that Pa Kent was dealing with a burden none of us could ever know. And it was obviously something he was willing to sacrifice his life for. When that twister took him that burden and the lesson of responsibility of power that went with it was transferred to Clark's shoulders. I know that the presentation of Pa Kent in MOS was not the usual down home, "awe shucks", small town values kind. This was a Jon Kent of the 21st Century. It was a different kind of moral lesson, but it was a lesson none the less, and I appreciated it immensely.

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