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Default Re: Anyone saw Batman Returns in theaters?

Originally Posted by munchie64 View Post
Fair enough, but you yourself mentioned the power of back issues. Plus in the 90's everything was overproduced for collectors sake. See: X-men #1.
Well, you didn't seem familiar with any books that had the characteristics that Catwoman had in BR, otherwise you wouldn't have been so aghast at my observation, haha.

and in reply to CConn and the other guy... I am so glad I am walking away from this forum, seeing posts like this just remind me what a waste of time it is even trying to get into discussions round here anymore. There's always some bitter bozos just ready to pounce on your posts with one manner of bs or another.
But, y'know, that's not the reason I'm leaving, that is just a bonus that I won't have to read anymore junk from people who have nothing to do with my real life.
I'm leaving because it's for the best, there's certain people around here who just won't leave certain things alone, and they need to learn to let go of their obsessions, for the sake of their own mental and emotional health.

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