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Default Re: First Official Photo

Originally Posted by C. Lee View Post
I came in to check on the new picture....looks fine to me.

I have a question though....since I generally don't spend any time in this forum except when requested to check on a problem, I haven't read too many many people spend all their time moaning about the director not on the project instead of talking about the one who is?
I wouldn't call it "moaning" but rather showing concern for the material given that it was at its absolute finest when Aronofsky left the project.

Its as if Nolan had left TDKR after months of polishing a brilliant draft. It would lead to much concern and discussion over whether or not his replacement would still choose to deviate from said brilliant draft.

In the case of this film, Bomback and Mangold seem to have made some changes that aren't necessarily favorable.

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