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Default Re: First Official Photo

Originally Posted by Alexei Belyakov View Post
Aronofsky did to McQuarrie's script what Refn did to Amini's for DRIVE.

He didn't completely rework it, but changed a great deal of the first act and took it away from PG-13 ground and well into R-rated terrain.

The script wreaks of Aronofsky's
style and signature.

It would blow your mind - if you or anyone cared about it.
I think most of us care - and most of us hold Aronofsky in high regard.

But he chose to leave. And any new director coming on board a project almost always hires their own writer. It seems pretty standard practice in Hollywood.

I like the parts you described (not sure about the ending, though I didn't have the entire context for it). Here's hoping that the best elements of the screenplay are retained. But that's all we can do.

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