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Default Re: MLs! PLACE YOUR BET!

Here's a link in case anyone missed it.

Black Cat looks great. So glad she's getting a new figure. Way past due. The only drawback with a figure with all that hair really limits your posing abilities, but she looks great. Nice.

Star Lord looks great too. I hope we don't have to wait Too long. And based on the movie art, I think the future Guardians figures will look good.

What do you think about this "End of Marvel Legends"? I think this rebranding idea will work. It makes sense as far as the stores are concerned. This way we'll get a bunch of figures each time a movie comes out. Plus this will give Hasbro a better chance to distribute and I'll actually SEE figures I want on pegs? Hell yeah, let's do that! Sounds cool to me. I'm all for it!

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