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Originally Posted by ctsketch View Post
Twice as strong at first

Superhuman Strength: The original level of Algrim's strength is unknown, but he was apparently the strongest of the Dark Elves. However, his strength was below that of Thor, who could lift well over 100 tons. After being transformed into his present form, Kurse was said to have double the strength of Thor. After Thor donned his enchanted Belt of Strength to make his strength on par with Kurse's once more, The Beyonder further augmented Kurse's strength. Kurse was capable of lifting far in excess of 100 tons and, due to the Beyonder's augmentation, he was considerably stronger than Thor
I know Kurse's history -_- lol. After thor got the belt of strength, the beyonder doubled Kurse's again, making him 4 times as strong as regular thor. So as I said, generally, Kurse is 4 times as strong. Which is how he will probably be. Given that he most likely will just be in this movie, his strength will have to be huge

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
odd that no one spotted a particularly large Dark Elf that could be Algrim during the latest filming in Greenwich.
Originally Posted by American Maid View Post

(Or should I say "Bingo"? )
do we got a picture? not too sure if I remember correctly what picture you are talking about

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
simply questioning where Algrim/Kurse may be at that moment. they seemed to be concentrating on a Malekith vs Thor battle this past week or so, and Thor vs. groups of Dark Elves. there may have been some "shadow boxing" stuff early on that could be CGI Kurse but it's really hard to tell with the footage and pictures what's going on. Didn't really see evidence of a large CGI Kurse battle but I'm sure a lot wasn't videotaped or photographed. However, it seems to be all about Malekith and Thor in Greenwich, and like I said, no extra large elves spotted... so.... If he isn't there at all then where is he?
yeah that's what I am wondering. I am expecting an epic throw down with him and thor

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