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It would have been a real downer to end the movie with Superman dead. It certainly couldn't have been called Superman Lives or Reborn. Lacking the uplifting moments of Superman's resurrection and triumphantly defeating the villains, the film would have been seen as too dark, gloomy and depressing, especially for general audiences of families, kids, and if that first film ending with the death flopped, the sequel featuring Superman's resurrection would have never been made. I'm glad they didn't try to stretch out the Death of Superman comics arc, I'm also glad that they didn't try to do the Reign of the Supermen with Superman replacements in a sequel, which takes the focus off Superman, just like the comics did, in that case it would have been too much like the comics, when general audiences want to see Superman, he has the marquee value, not all of these other guys like Steel and the Cyborg Superman, etc. I'm glad they didn't try to go that far and make it into a carbon copy of the comics arc. As for focusing on Superman's origin for none-comics readers, at the time in the '90s there was the hit TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman in prime time aimed at adults and families, and Superman: The Animated Series on weekday afternoons aimed at kids, both of which had focused on Superman's origin, so a movie didn't need to be focused on retelling the origin again. Also, there are some flashbacks to the origin in the Superman Lives script by Wesley Strick, without it being the overall focus of the entire film.

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