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Default Re: The Official GAMBIT Discussion thread - Part 1

Which brings up an interesting point...

I'm glad to see Remy making up for lost time and sowing his wild oats, but eventually he will gravitate to a new relationship (he has had 2 serious ones so far). Who do you think will be his new gf? (Hopefully this will be 1-2 years away, but you never know. The editorial staff hasn't been making great decisions lately, imho)ยจ

Rogue: God no...I was a huge fan of "Romy" back in the day, but it would be a big setback for both Gambit and Rogue characterwise if they get back together. That train has left the station, probably for good now.

Tyger Tyger: good chemistry, but I don't see her leaving Madripoor anytime soon, and I don't see Gambit having a long distance relationship.

Sage: I know there are a lot of fans out there of this pairing, but where the hell is she? She also needs a bit more character development for me to be sold on this.

Joelle: She's pretty much Sage 2.0, with an even more mysterious background and motives. Again, I need more development for me to consider this one. It's just a bit too clique..

Cecilia Reyes: I like her, but no....

Rachel Grey: don't see it. No chemistry there.

Storm: strangely, the best canidate currently. Now before everyone comes at me with torches and pitchforks, I love the friendship these two have. If Marvel wants to put that in jeopardy, then it better be built up well. But Storm has been the one person who has consistantly stood by Gambit's side all these years, and their contrasting personalities compliment each other perfectly. Both of them deserve to have someone awesome (I've always hated Storm's choice of bf's/husband), and think of the beautiful children they could have (just kidding...a little...)

Does anyone else have any canidates?

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