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Default Re: Avengers defending Norwegians?

Some Scandinavian metal in the The Dark World would be awesome! Don't see it happen in a thousand years, though xD

About "the big battle", please God let New York rest now.. I don't really see the appeal in the big city battles, I've seen 'em all before..

Take Transformers, for example. The by far coolest fight scene in the trilogy was the forest scene in the 2nd film( (regardless of how bad the film(s) was). The city battles were just messy, generic and uninspired.

Sure, put it in America, that makes the most sense. But be a little creative. How about the Grand Canyon or Mount Rushmore? I can't really remember seeing any major film scenes there.. I'm sure they can save a lot of set money by keeping the major scenes out of the big city as well..

At very least, go somewhere else than the big apple. Miami, LA, SF, Houston, Chicago, Phil., Phoenix, Detroit, whatever. Just not NY.

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