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Default Re: Thor expected to be "biggest" Marvel Studios film to date!

Originally Posted by topdog1 View Post
I find it interesting that everyone is giving Marvel breathing room to do a Thor movie. With no Donald Blake and basing it mostly in Norse mythology, ANYONE can do a Thor film if they want to. I know Marvel has the fan base but the Norse god of thunder is open domain. It's like when competing studios made movies about Wyatt Earp years ago. (Tombstone skunked Kevin Costner's version) Thor, Odin and Loki can't be copyrighted as mythological characters.
I'm willing to bet there'll be a direct-to-DVD movie about Thor that comes out about the same time as Marvel's Thor.

But yeah, anyone can do a movie about the Norse God's, such as Thor, but only Marvel can do their Thor character, which is a bit different from the mythological Thor. The mythological Thor had red hair and a red beard, for example. He also woudlnt' be able to wear the costume that the comic-book Thor does.

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