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Default Re: The Season 5 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Bim View Post
I have to catch up on CW so i cant comment on the last few episodes , but i want to say it could be interesting to see Order 66 from the pov of the clones, especially Rex. I've said it before and i'll say it again: if there's a clone capable of questioning that order and walking away, it could be him. I could see Rex having an argument with Anakin before the march on the Temple, and leaving. Anakin having an attachment to Rex lets him go. Ahsoka i feel might be way gone by the time Order 66 rolls on, be it that she dies or leaves the order for some reason.
I don't think the Clones are even capable of questioning the order. I always got the impression, as I mentioned in more detail in a previous post, that it's something ingrained into them. Like in their DNA, they don't even know it's there.

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