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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Liverpool should have taken all 3 points, fantastic strikes from Sturridge and Gerrard, but Agger and Reina were to blame for the goals they conceded even though they were well taken by Dzeko and Aguero.

No doubt the first goal should have been pulled up for the foul on Dzeko, but no way Liverpool should have kicked the ball out when he clearly wasn't hurt, he was just sitting on his arse moaning instead of getting up and chasing back to help his team.

Bellamy said Liverpool had arrived after the last two games, but for me Liverpool have played well against the other big teams for the last 2 seasons, the problem is slipping up against the lower half teams, it's the bread and butter that puts you in contention for the league and they need to get that sorted out.

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