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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

Hi, everyone. First post in the SHH forums!

Originally Posted by DeGenerate10 View Post
How would a Robin costume loook on film?
The most important thing that I feel needs to be addressed is the mask and its inability to properly conceal the wearer's identity. Of course, concessions are made within the comic book genre where we as the audience can ignore certain aspects which might not work in reality (fighting an opponent while suffering from Bat-neck, fighting multiple opponents while wearing a cape etc.), but with Robin's mask this is harder to let pass. Various comic book movies have alluded to this point (Green Lantern, TDKR). Even in the first Schumacher movie, the mask covered more of Robin's face, somewhat acknowledging that the first mask he wore didn't provide enough concealment.

Although the mask is one of the most familiar and constant features of Robin's look, I would be very open to the idea of doing away with completely in favour of something more believable. Perhaps a ninja-like mask that covers the mouth area, but leaves the eye area and possibly the top of the head uncovered, allowing room for the actor to emote. Something akin to Arkham City's League of Assassins.

Or, perhaps give him a full face mask of some kind, where the old mask motif can be affixed or hinted at. The mask could even be made from a mesh-like material, similar to the that of a fencer's mask, which would allow the actor to emote, but the appearance of the wearer would never reach the point where Robin's true identity can be deduced or his features clearly recognized. I wouldn't mind a full ninja mask with only the eyes visible.

As for other parts of his costume, I would like to see more ninja influences, less rubber and less use of mass-produced body armour - if Robin were to wear body armour, it would be custom-made. The suit would be specifically created for Robin, and not be a mere variation of a Bat-Suit. Colours should be subtle and desaturated, especially on the body, but a combination of black/green would be the main colours, with perhaps some small red highlights.

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