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Default Re: Where does most of TDK's critisism come from?

This poll is loaded.
I can only assume that TDK should have no critisim's at all, when in fact it was pretty cool, damn cool, for as far as that goes.

If I had one i'd be the most glaring...the overzelous fans who not there fault, most who arn't old enough to adequately put this one piece of work in the larger scope of an entire lineage of a fictional character.

the other pertaining to the actual film. And this option isn't availible...I don't know if I think the Joker should actually relish so much or is so concious of his ying and yang w/ Batman, as his sole reason for being out there. I guess, plus there wasn't too much day to day Joker action w/ either his crew or how he ends up w/ a small nations worth of dynamite and amunition.

Party on!

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