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Default Re: The Official: Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter Thread.

Originally Posted by JAKĀ® View Post
That's the only thing I dislike about Jane Foster's character in Thor. Changing her from a nurse into a scientist worked for the films storyline, but as a character it made her weaker. Nurses need a lot of courage for what they do. In Avengers: EMH, that's what attracts Thor to her.
Yeah, my girlfriend and I talked about this after watching the movie, and we both watch EMH ... I believe in the originial comics she was also a nurse/paramedic type, right?

We were thinking in the film, have her as a paramedic, and her father's friend as the scientist wouldn't of really changed the story all that much, and would of made the role of Jane much better overall. The way to tie her father's friend to be so close to Jane, is that he would have some medical issue and Jane had to keep watch over him when she wasn't working.

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