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The only real widescreen feature movies are the ones shot with anamorphic lenses. It is a lens cylindrical in shape instead of spherical. The curvature of the lens only goes across the horizontal plane and captures a wide angle shot and compresses it by 2x giving the 35mm frame a 1.2:1 aspect ratio that will be expanded again by 2x by the projector lens onto the screen into a 2.4:1 image.
You can search for anamorphic shot movies on IMDb in the Technical Specs page of each movie.
Movies shot with spherical lenses and then cropped to 2.4:1 are FAKE widescreens that have been shot the same way as movies with 1.85:1 ratio.
Of all the Marvel Studios movies, the anamorphic ones are only The Incredible Hulk and Thor.

IMAX cameras use spherical lenses, so they don't shoot in widescreen, but by using a 65mm horizontal negative film they achieve a clarity that is multiple times superior to 35mm. That's why Nolan loves it.

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