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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel

I need to make correction on Box office statement after reading Box Office Mojo figures.First Class overseas did do better than Captain American but the domestic take of captain America helps It get over First Class worldwide

Captain America Box office 176 Million Domesticly Overseas 192 Million
First Class domesticly 146 Million Overseas 207 Million

This Is one case where foreign audences were smarter than US audences.

This Is second film In series In a row where foreign take was higher than US take.Wolverine back In 2009 had 179 million domesticlly and 193 Million overseas.It nearly
beat the take of X2 overseas If you don't go Into Inflation.

Bottom Line.X-Men Is a world wide franchise now.While First Class was lowest grossing film in franchise domesticly(which causes it to be lowest overall In franchise) overseas It was second highest grossing film.Only The Last Stand did better overseas.

Just Imagne what a good X-men film following all the good reaction to First Class could do.Part of success of Last Stand was based on all the praise and success of X2.Plus calling It last part of a trilogy.Wolverine was a success based on populary of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

With better promation and better release date the sequel has poential to be hugh since US box office will likely be better.Look at how well Mission Impossible GP did compared to
Mission Impossible III.Kate Beckinsale's return to Underworld franchise has helped Awakening be second highest grossing film In franchise.

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