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Default Re: How Superman Resolved the Issue of Zod *MEGA SPOILER*

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
yea i thought so.
care to explain why that's objectively(if possible) better than this alternative?

And how the change destroys the character(if you think it does).
I just think supes let Zod win, but clearly not the fight, Zod took superman's innocence and made him into a killer. In the end Zod lost his purpose and his "soul" all he wanted was to kill superman or die in the process. He even says this during the fight, so a man with no purpose gets put in head lock by an equally powerful opponent. Zod saw a chance, superman will either let those people die, or he will kill him to save them and end his now meaningless life. Suicide by cop basically.

"All superheroes are essentially criminals who capture other supercriminals in vigilante-style justice and engage in wanton destruction of public property during superpowered fights".
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