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Default Re: How Superman Resolved the Issue of Zod *MEGA SPOILER*

Originally Posted by PunyGod View Post
It's the very nature of his character. Clark was raised with good old fashioned American values by good old fashioned American farmers. It's like not having Bruce's parents die and him finding another reason to be Batman.
Good old fashioned values made him plenty in this movie, besides saving people for years out of the goodness of his good old fashioned american heart, the first thing he did in costume was sacrifice his life for the planet when asked to surrender(lois came too the doll). He didn't plenty more than that too.

But to my point, there are plenty of good men and women raised with old fashioned american values by old fashioned american parents. Lots of these people join the armed forces or law enforcement and kill "bad guys". Abe lincoln in one of these guys born and raised in Kentucky and he sanctioned a war for the greater good.
Cap seemingly had good parents and he's very much held up as a good moral man(ergo why he was selected) and he's a stone cold killer.
All roads lead to the same thing. Good old American values aren't the be all end all of turning someone against killing.

What's more the Superman source material and the movies seemingly don't agree either.

Your premise if fine for what it is, but to sit there and proclaim that's the way it has to be or it sucks/fail/makes no sense...

I'm not convinced(and neither were the producers on this film). Maybe they thought it's time we actually addressed this matter in a non silver age way. Hopefully they do the same with the secret identity as well.

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