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Default Re: Official UFC Thread - Part 5

Teixeira is a good option, but Gustafsson and Jones should rematch. Close fight, and Gustafsson looked better than anyone else has so far. No way did Jones win four rounds of that fight. I scored it 48-47 Gustafsson, but round two could've swung either way. Jones is so composed, but he seemed a little stuck for ideas when the kicks weren't backing Gustafsson up and the takedowns weren't coming. Gustafsson has a chin of steel. What I will say though is that this fight seemed to demonstrate that Jones isn't the unbeatable freak that people say he is in the division. It's clear to say that the biggest advantage he has over the rest of that division is his reach. Once that was neutralized, a lot of his dominance disappeared, and instead he was getting beat to the punch a lot and but for one perfect spinning back elbow could've lost the fight. Does anyone really think Velasquez would have much trouble with Jones? Jones had to go so deep to get that one takedown.

If Gustafsson was the champion going into the fight, he would’ve walked out the champion as well… 48-47 is the correct score, neither guy dominated or was overwhelmed. It was as even as you can get and would’ve been hard to take the belt off the champion going into the fight. It was close, and there’s an argument for either side. One of the guys I watched with scored 2, 4, and 5 for Jones, and I couldn’t argue with it, nor did he argue with me scoring 1, 2, and 3 for Gustafsson.

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