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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post

I don't know if people have read this but the gist of it is that Loki planned to get captured by the Avengers so he could get sent back to Asgard to try to take over and rule and that he is *possibly* going to give the IG to Thanos.

I would say if this was Whedon's game plan then it's perfect because it set's everything up so nicely for Thanos. Plus from the spoilers we've been given about Thor 2 I could see a ending or post-credit scene in where during the attack on Asgard the IG was stolen and given to Thanos leading to him in GotG and A2
That theory is close; but not quite.

If, according to that theory, all Loki wants is to get back to Asgard and rule there, then he's got plenty of opportunity and wherewithal to do so easily enough. He's a plane-jumper. He knows his way back to Asgard through back-doors that even Heimdall doesn't know about --- he admitted as much to Hemidall in Thor 1. Plus, once he got the Tesseract, he could've said "**** off" to everybody --- Thanos, the Avengers, the whole shootin' match --- and just jetted back to Asgard, used the Cube to get cosmic power beyond imagining, and wipe Odin (let alone Thor) out of existence.

I think Loki was actually being honest about wanting to rule Midgard. It would've been giving the finger to Thor in many ways to do so.

Instead, I think Thanos is the manipulator here. HE allows Loki to get defeated so that he can position his Asgardian pawn right where he wants him --- at the gates of Odin's Treasury, where his TRUE prize awaits: the Gauntlet. Thanos was using Loki; not the other way around.


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