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Default Re: The Official "I Loved Raimi's Spider-Man' Thread - Part 1 of 99 Luft - Par

Actually, it was Superman '78 that put comic films on the map. After Superman's success there was a wave of comic characters being brought to the screen in big budget films. Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Popeye. As well as TV movies. Batman '89 extended reinvigorated the comic book genre, but Hollywood began figuring that the films needed to be darker. Thus subjects like Judge Dredd, Blade and The Crow. Spidey 1 was really the next watershed in the evolution of comic movies due to its record performance. Since Spidey there hasn't been any slow down in production of comic-based movies as there was after Superman and the first Batman series began burning out. Even though there have certainly been comic based flops, there's no end in sight since Spidey.

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